How We Price

Affordable prices for high quality Honolulu junk removal

Calculating junk removal costs

Determining Your Junk Removal Costs

Our prices are determined by accessibility to the junk, the volume of the junk and the difficulty and time in removing the junk. Our minimum charge is $130, which covers the cost of a love seat or refrigerator (or items of equal volume). All prices include two-hours of labor.

For projects involving large properties, high rise apartments with limited accessibility to our trucks or other removal obstacles, additional labor fees may be added up to $52 per hour.

Bed load items include dense materials such as cement, soil, sod, drywall, shingles, or rocks. Bed load pricing is based on metric tons and each load is limited to two metric tons. For specific bed load charges contact us for an estimate.
Our team removing junk from a house

Pricing Estimates By Volume

Our prices are based on the volume of junk in our trucks. Each truck has a volume of 18 cubic yards (12ft by 8 ft by 6ft). Prices by volume are as follows:

- Min Amount: $130
- 1/8:  $195
- 1/4:  $275
- 3/8:  $340
- 1/2:  $420
- 5/8:  $505
- 3/4:  $580
- 7/8:  $645
- Full Load:  $690
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