About Us

Honolulu's local leader in electronics disposal and junk removal

Our truck servicing customers in Honolulu, HI

Locally Owned With Affordable Prices

We're a locally owned company that cares about Oahu. We are not a franchise or a chain coming in from the outside. Our services are the highest quality not simply because our staff is expert and professional, but because we're one of you. We remove electronics and other junk efficiently and hassle-free. Our prices are affordable and based on junk accessibility, volume, and the difficulty of removal. Just give us a call today for an estimate and we'll work with you to remove all forms of junk at low price.

Responsible and Reliable Disposal Services

Oahu is a special island with limited natural resources. As a local company we value these resources and take extra care that our removal services are environmentally safe and responsible. Proper disposal of electronic junk and other non-hazardous junk is our top priority. We recycle and reuse all items that we can which includes donating up to 60% of what we collect to local charities. Not only will you be ridding your home or business of junk but by choosing us you'll be helping the environment and your neighbors.

How We Can Help You

Junk removal is quick and simple when we're here to help. We have the equipment to dispose of large and high volume junk. Our 18 cubic yard trucks often only need one trip for all junk disposal. Electronic disposal's also a common need in today's world. Our team ensures that your old electronics will be removed and often recycled making room for new items for you to enjoy. Contact us in Honolulu today whatever your junk removal needs are. We can help.
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